Gala Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to volunteer at our annual Gala!

The Hotel Paradox

611 Ocean st., Santa Cruz

Saturday, October 15

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Volunteer for our biggest event of the year!

Be a part of the behind-the-scenes crew that makes the Diversity Center's annual Gala an entertaining and lively event! 

We are currently looking for a volunteer with excellent communication skills who can be our next Auction Assistant CoordinatorThe position's primary role is to ensure a smooth Gala Auction, maintaining the Gala Auction database, and holding strong communication with Gala Committees. 

Read the full volunteer job description by clicking here. 



Volunteer at The Diversity Center!



Been thinking maybe it’s your turn? Or maybe it’s your turn again ?  

Non-profits are like mini democracies: they need willing people to rotate in and out of jobs. 

You can become one of the many hands needed to execute the vision Diversity Center leadership lays out each year for the Santa Cruz LGBTQ+ community.

Is it time ?

We’ll tailor your volunteer experience to meet your interests, your availability and your needs as much as possible. 

Would you like to give a few hours each week to be the smiling face of The Diversity Center - welcoming and supporting community members who drop in? (a simple but hugely important job!) Or maybe work hard with a team of folks over four fun months to help us create our huge annual Gala Celebration (and biggest fundraiser)? More on the shy side? There are plenty of possibilities behind the scenes that will have a huge impact on our work.

The pay-offs: We will train you and encourage you. You’ll meet great folks who are also eager to make a change in the local landscape. And you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you helped make life better for LGBTQ+ individuals all over Santa Cruz County.

Contact us below and let's see how we can tailor your volunteer experience to meet your interests, your availability and your needs as much as possible.


We are grateful for our volunteers!


For more information, please call (831) 425-5422, or email