What do you want your legacy to be?

Planned Giving At The Diversity Center Of Santa Cruz 

The Diversity Center creates family for many LGBTQ+ individualsyouth, seniors, and everyone in between—many of whom would otherwise have none.  It enhances community for all LGBTQ+ people in Santa Cruz County, whether they have other support or not. As a supporter of our programs, you are a part of the family, the community, and the celebration.

You probably already know that good estate planning can protect your family. When you include a community based organization in your plan, you also protect your community and ensure that your            most cherished values endure.

 With planned giving, anyone can make a meaningful contribution to the causes that matter most to them.

  •   A simple gift of stock or personal property allows you to make an immediate impact
  •  A gift in honor of a loved one who is marking a milestone, or who has passed on, shows your love and concern for that person       and for The Diversity Center.
  • Making a bequest in your will or naming The Diversity Center as a full or partial beneficiary on your life insurance ensures that your support will continue into the future.
  •  A more involved arrangement such as a trust or a retained life estate (a home or property that you continue to occupy but reverts to The Diversity Center after your lifetime) can either provide you with income and stability while also supporting The Diversity Center, or ensure that your partner, spouse, or other loved ones are protected after your lifetime.

 A planned gift will extend and enhance your legacy, and influence the lives of your LGBTQ+ community in Santa Cruz County for generations to come. These are only a few of the activities your thoughtful planning will continue:

  •   Providing broader community education with the goal of eliminating fear, prejudice, and hatred of our LGBTQ+ communities-from youth to seniors
  •  Community building, leadership skill training and support for LGBTQ+ youth
  •  Deliver social and support services to our senior LGBTQ+ communities and help prevent them from going back into the closet as     they reach their golden years
  •  Creating a social and support oriented space for Latinx LGBTQ+ people, provided in Spanish and in English
  •   Resources and respectful care for the transgender community
  •   Information on LGBTQ+ welcoming businesses and spiritual resources

 Most importantly, your planned gift will ensure that your values live on through the good work that TDC does for the communities and people that you--and we--care about.

If you are interested in learning more about the planned giving options offered through The Diversity Center of Santa Cruz County, please call Sharon Esther Papo, Executive Director, at director@diversitycenter.org or (831)425-5422 x101.


Thank you to our generous donors!