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The first hour of "Communicate & Cuddle" is a consent workshop where we practice saying, "no", "thank you for taking care of yourself," negotiating G-rated touch everyone feels comfortable with, requesting a kind of G-rated touch we would like, offering G-rated touch, and saying when we are done. Examples of G-rated touch include: hugs, holding hands, sitting back-to-back, back rubs, scalp massages, foot rubs, spooning. You choose what you want to do!

Attendees are welcome to participate or observe as much as they like. All touch is non-sexual and optional. After the workshop, you are welcome to stay for "free cuddle" time. This is a very nurturing, relaxing, connecting event. 

The cost is $10 paid ahead via PayPal or $15 cash at the door. Please join us!

Contact Information: Linda Selby

Phone: (626) 344-3986

Email: lindaselby521@gmail.com