• Santa Cruz Wharf (map)
  • 21 Municipal Wharf
  • Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
  • United States

This event is organized by Gloria Nieto and publicized in solidarity. 

The Santa Cruz County LGBTIQ+ community will be lowering a rainbow flag to half staff on Monday, June 20 at 6 PM at the Santa Cruz Wharf entrance. 

We invite everyone to please come as an expression of grief, sadness, as well as hope for a future without violence.

There will be music, speeches, reading of the names, as well as lowering of the flag. Bring something meaningful to create a memorial to our murdered sisters, brothers, and siblings. Flowers, signs, cards, balloons, etc. may be placed at the base of flag pole. Please NO CANDLES! The city will allow the memorial to remain for a few days as a public display of community grief.

Please join us. All our grieving community are welcome.