• First Christian Church (map)
  • 15 Madison Street
  • Watsonville, CA, 95076
  • United States

To honor and celebrate ALL families, Pajaro Valley Pride cordially invite you and your family to a friendly picnic. Time to come together as a community to openly affirm diversity. In light of the recent Orlando tragedy, this event is dedicated as a safe space for our LGBTQ+ family and allies to come together and celebrate diversity as a sign of activism, and as a symbol that we will continue to live openly. A sign that we will not be coerced back into the closet and living in fear. It is important for us as a community to recognize that we are still in a fight, and this act of hate is proof that our communities are still plagued by homophobia, hate, and aggression by religious extremists. It is a sign that we must resist giving into pessimism and cynicism, and instead actively stay involved in issues that matter most to our hearts. 

There will be activities for the kids, jump house and face painting, as well as a tree activity that will allow us to honor and remember those who were victims of hate and homophobia in Orlando. Food and activities will be provided by Pajaro Valley Pride, and catered by the Ballesteros Catering Company. Rev Tino will do a non-denominational prayer for our fallen brothers and sisters in Orlando. This event is co-sponsored by the California Rural Legal Assistance and the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)-Watsonville.

In addition, a raffle designed to help Pajaro Valley Pride raise funds for our Pride festival on August 21st at the Watsonville Downtown plaza will also be taken place. As we move forward from the tragedy in Orlando, we at the Pajaro Valley Pride have been refuled and reinvegorated with our efforts of brining visibility and acceptance to the LGBTQ+ community, and resistance to bigotry and hate. The Pride culture is an important part of our community, and what happened in Orlando is a testament of the importance to celebrate our beautiful and diverse community.