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  • 703 Pacific Avenue
  • Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
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Herbal Trans Health Workshop 11-1 & 2-4pm Sunday May 27th, Subrosa Community Space

Part 1: Herbal Self-Care for Long-Term Trans Health
Using plants, nutrition and magic to support wellbeing and thriving for trans and non binary people. We'll learn about using herbs in combination with hormone therapy and gender-affirming practices, as well as what to avoid. We'll explore the esoteric uses of herbs for boundaries, protection, and comfort.

Part 2: Herbs for Hard Times
Emotional self-care for queer and trans people. We'll explore the use of herbs, supplements and mindfulness practices in times of worry, sadness and chronic stress, and touch on herbal support for trauma healing, grief and loss. We'll put together self-care plans to remind ourselves what works for us when things get tough.


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For more info, contact Ezra Bowen, Phone: (510) 927-1106, or Email: trans@diversitycenter.org