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Thank you to our Generous Sponsor of this event!

Thank you to our Generous Sponsor of this event!

We happily host a 60Plus Luncheon five times a year: January, March, May, September and November. We start with social time and a yummy lunch followed up with a talk about an important topic of interest to LGBTQ+ seniors or some light entertainment. A great way to help you digest! 

This time, the Associate Producer of a major new film, WHAT THE HEALTH, will present a brief 12 minute movie preview at the September 9th 60+ Luncheon. The film is an exposé of collusion among national health charities, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and the Federal government, all misleading people in order to continue their millions in profit. The pier-reviewed health studies discussed in the film can help people avoid or reverse diabetes, arthritis, cancers, heart disease and auto-immune diseases. Bill Meade, the film Associate Producer, is a member of our Senior Programs and will present this program and the theme for the day, "Focus On Health".

In an effort to keep the cost as low as possible we ask you to pay $7 - but only if you're able. No pressure. We look forward to seeing you!