Ever needed to use a restroom and couldn't find one? Imagine, you finally find a bathroom and just as you're about to walk in, someone stops you and says you can't use it, verbally or physically assaults you and or calls the police.

This webinar will outline the injustices and violence being perpetrated against trans and gender non-conforming people as they attempt to fulfill the daily necessities of urination and defecation.  Providers can act as advocates, helping to secure and sustain this most basic of human rights and dignities. Agencies, staff and clients may have concerns and need support during this transition to restroom equity. This webinar provides perspective and information that can be instrumental in moving toward the goals of bathroom access, safety and respect for everyone.

Please join us for this interactive webinar facilitated by Paul Warren, LMSW.

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Visit the website at: www.ymsmlgbt.org

If you have any questions please contact Brandy Oeser at btoeser@ucla.edu or (310) 267-5331.